Private Feiern im Hotel Gutsgasthof Stangl

Immerse yourself in the history of our Hotel Gutsgasthof Stangl

We, family Stangl, have a history dating back 450 years but only in 1827 the property in Neufarn was taken over. Today the sixth generation is in charge and runs the property. For the past 190 years many things have changed for the better. As a matter of fact “who does not go along with the time, will be caught by time sooner or later.”

Ihre Privatfeier im Raum München

Stangl represents a historic time travel. Each generation has left its heritage. It might be an irony that especially returning guests particularly value the attention paid to our traditional values like regional, honest cuisine.

Ihre Privatfeier im Raum München

Our philosophy

Ihre Privatfeier im Raum München

For each major change one should remember his past, his origin and his roots. That is the only way to continue respecting tradition, to discover new paths and sometimes going against the current.

We treasure Bavarian hospitality, develop it and try to live it at the same time. In order to create new ideas, we have to remember our basic values. The feeling of „being at home“ will always be the main objective we are trying to achieve. Especially in times where people travel further and further, cars become faster and faster, streets become more crowded and watches are getting more essential, arriving and resting becomes more and more relevant. The word „home“ in every single meaning, the word „hospitality“ with all its characteristics – all of them represent values which - once were common everywhere – but now are found rarely. Once you found them it is very worthwhile to enjoy the special feeling of familiarity, sensuality and pure enjoyment of each moment.

Come on in, you will find all of these moments here...



Bärbel Fauth-Stangl & Ludwig Fauth

Münchener Straße 1   
85646 Neufarn/Vaterstetten
Fon +49 89 90501-0
Fax +49 89 90501-363