Ihre Privatfeier im Raum München

"It's the people who make our life special"

(Guy de Maupassant)

Our hosts represent a very good combination of mother and son. Bärbel Fauth-Stangl is the creative soul of the house and loves to spoil her guests and decorate the hotel. Her biggest passion is the decoration with flowers, candles, chandeliers, and other treasures, which she brings home from journeys. The detail-focused and warm ambience represent her character and personality. Due to her open spirit and uncomplicated being, many guests come not as guests but as friends…

After intense preparations within the hospitality industry, Ludwig Fauth supports his mother since early 2016. By introducing technical innovations and special offers in the banquet department, he has gained an important role. His passion are figures and numbers and while he studies his excel sheets the time just stands still for him. In stressful situations he manages to stay calm due to his soothing and relaxed character. He has one of the key positions and builds a perfect bridge between guests and staff members.

Just like our hosts, our employees also have various strengths, which are being integrated in the daily routine. As each guest is different, so are our staff members. To make life more exciting, we sometimes love to change roles.

It might be the case that the housekeeper becomes a breakfast lady, the director of sales turns into a maître d’hôtel and our boss becomes a patissier. Due to the lavish flower decoration there is also a little gardener in all of us. Our long-time employees have a lot of experience and know our guests. New staff members bring original ideas in order for us to always move forward and try new offers and processes. Due to the wide service spectrum of the hotel, duties are changing every day and behind each day lies at least one surprise (if not more)…


Bärbel Fauth-Stangl & Ludwig Fauth

Münchener Straße 1   
85646 Neufarn/Vaterstetten
Fon +49 89 90501-0
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